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Brighten Home Loans unveils key appointment

Publication Date: Wednesday, 9 December 2020
This article originally appeared in Broker News

A non-bank lender has announced a key appointment as part of the group’s continued efforts to scale its operations within Australia, having recently expanded into the domestic home loan space after previously focusing its efforts on providing mortgages to non-residents. 

Brighten Home Loans has welcomed Stephen Murphy aboard as manager of business analytics and operations, in a bid to strengthen its operational capabilities. Murphy brings more than 25 years of experience to the group, including a three-year stint as senior customer service operations manager at fellow non-bank Pepper Group.  

With its string of recent recruits, the non-bank now boasts a team over 70 strong – double the size from just 12 months ago – with plans to increase the head count by a further 10% over the next three months.

Speaking of the hires, the launch of the lending pilot program targeted at resident Australian self-employed and SME borrowers in both the prime and near prime space, and the non-bank’s two new white label partners, Brighten head of distribution Natalie Sheehan understandably dubbed 2020 a “busy year”.

“We’ve navigated COVID-19 very well and have continued to grow despite the challenges the pandemic posed, and we’re ending the year with strong momentum,” she said.

“2021 is building up to be another strong year for Brighten Home Loans. Over the next 12 months we’ll look to continue that growth by ramping up our focus on prime and near prime lending and maintaining our trajectory in the market.”

Brighten managing director, Scott Kelly, chimed in to emphasise that being newer to the market means Brighten is not weighed down by any legacy issues and is instead able to take advantage of modern technology. 

“We’re nimble, agile and focused solely on supporting our broker partners and their customers. We don’t face the same obstacles as entrenched providers when it comes to legacy systems, processes and red-tape and our robust funding structure makes us a consistent and reliable solution for brokers and borrowers,” he explained.

Over the past year, the non-bank lender has increased origination volumes by more than 138%, according to Sheehan.

“Brighten continues to grow at a rapid pace, thanks to our ability to provide brokers with an innovative non-resident product offering, a competitive pricing structure, and a superior service proposition,” she said.

“It’s the logical next step for Brighten to offer innovative prime and near prime products to Australian residents, and to date the feedback from our pilot program is that there are still a considerable number of product niches that self-employed and SME borrowers require within the residential mortgage market.

“With multi-institutional funding lines, an experienced team assembled from some of Australia’s most innovative non-bank lenders and a strategy for growth, we are extremely excited about the opportunities we see within the Australian residential mortgage market in 2021 and beyond,” Sheehan finished.




我的BDM Mikai Ning从我第一次认识她到现在有两年多的时间,非常的专业、超高效,很耐心的聆听和讲解我的每一个问题,即便是在她怀孕期间也专门嘱咐我“不要紧,有问题尽管问,看到一定及时回复”。态度永远超级nice!和她沟通总是让人感到轻松和愉快!我做贷款这么多年,Mikai是我最喜欢的BDM没有之一!我要给她120分的好评

Lulu, 铂腾注册贷款经理人

对Mikai Ning超级好评,她不仅业务娴熟,而且对工作认真负责及时答复无无论是任何时间都会及时回复。节假日有问题咨询也能做到及时回复。对broker超级有耐心和负责,我们非常喜欢和支持Mikai Ning和Brighten!

Fan, 铂腾注册贷款经理人

Brighten的BDM Liwen给我留下了深刻的印象,无论是policy和product方面的扎实度,还是在贷款环节中的任何一个小问题,Liwen总是在第一时间及时给出帮助。Brighten一直给我很好的体验,好的利息和好的BDM和好的credit team,让我总是在第一时间把Brighten产品作为推介给客户的首选

Jinkai, 铂腾注册贷款经理人

Mikai 是一个积极主动,工作能力强,并且拥有良好的交际技能的人。我们和Mikai的合作十分的顺利,希望能和Brighten保持这样良好的合作关系。

Alan, 铂腾注册贷款经理人

我的BDM Leo Liu 在产品方面的介绍为我提供了很大的帮助。 我期待与Brighten和Leo Liu建立更好的合作关系。

Anthony, 铂腾注册贷款经理人

Mikai 是我们的BDM 她很负责任. 能及时的回复我们的问题 如果有policy的update 她也是尽可能的除了email 之外 电话或者message给我们. 确认我们能收到 了解这些变化. 以确认我们能更好的为客人服务. 非常感谢长期以来对我们broker的支持。

Terry, 铂腾注册贷款经理人

非常便捷,利率也比较亲民,铂腾房贷解决了海外客户贷款难题;感谢BDM Mikai 的大力支持。

Yuhui, 铂腾注册贷款经理人


Jakie, 铂腾注册贷款经理人



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