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Top non-bank shines with award-winning BDMs

Publication Date: Tuesday, 25 June 2024
This article originally appeared in Australian Broker.

Leading non-bank lender fuels industry growth with unique offerings and award-winning BDMs

Leading non-bank lender Brighten Home Loans (Brighten) is soaring to new heights with an exceptional team of BDMs who are driving the firm’s success by empowering brokers.

Australian Broker profiles four of these outstanding BDMs – Jay Allen, Jimmy Hou, Kay Yang, and Wendy Goulevitch – all winners of the Australian Broker’s 5-Star BDM Award for 2024 – to understand why they believe Brighten stands out from the competition.

Brighten senior BDM Wendy Goulevitch emphasises the importance of providing home loan solutions for everyone, highlighting that with options comes empowerment.

“In today’s economic environment, there is an underserved cohort of Australians looking for lending solutions, and we believe non-bank lenders will be a crucial piece of the puzzle in addressing Australia’s housing crisis,” says Goulevitch.

Fellow senior BDM Jimmy Hou adds that Brighten differentiates itself with its superior product offerings, built on the strength of its diverse funding capability. Brighten’s solutions include comprehensive and competitive Full Doc, Alt Doc and Construction loans, available to Prime, Near Prime, Expat and Non-Resident buyers.

“The team at Brighten is committed to helping brokers diversify their businesses. We continue to see rising opportunities in the self-employed, Alt Doc and investor space. Our goal is to empower our brokers to ensure their customers are aware of all their options to make the best possible choice,” Hou explains.

Senior BDM Kay Yang agrees with Hou and acknowledges the pivotal role brokers play in helping borrowers choose the right home loan.

“I have seen firsthand how brokers save borrowers from making bad decisions by educating them and providing tailored lending solutions. That’s why Brighten has always been an advocate for education. We pride ourselves on delivering not only superior services but also regular training and policy workshops,” Yang says.

Senior BDM Jay Allen, who often leads Brighten’s training initiatives and assists with aggregator partnerships, highlights the importance of brokers in spreading awareness about non-bank lending solutions.

“Many brokers play this role very well. I think this is one of the main reasons why we have seen broker market share soaring, and I believe it will continue to do so as brokers keep empowering borrowers with information and options,” Allen concludes.

There is no doubt that Brighten is making significant strides in the mortgage industry through its exceptional team of BDMs, who are dedicated to empowering brokers and providing diverse lending solutions. The firm’s innovative approach, particularly in serving underserved borrower segments and addressing the housing crisis, sets it apart in the competitive market.

By focusing on education and tailored solutions, Brighten’s exceptional BDMs have been instrumental in enhancing the broker-borrower relationship. As a result, Brighten continues to lead the way in non-bank lending, offering competitive products and addressing critical market needs.

Brighten is an Australian-owned and regulated full-service non-bank lender, responsible for the origination, underwriting, servicing and funding of our mortgage portfolio. It has well-established warehouse-funding arrangements with multiple Top Tier Banks, two public RMBS programs and a wholesale credit fund to provide further funding diversification.

Brighten offers a range of competitive Full Doc, Alt Doc and Construction loan products available to Prime and Near Prime, Resident and Non-Resident borrowers.